~ 2024 Production Cast Announcement ~

WOW! What a fantastic audition weekend!


THANK YOU to all that attended – The audition panel were blown away by your courage, commitment and TALENT!

Annie Jr – CAST LIST

Annie: Dusty Anderson
Molly: Raven Barrios
Kate: Scarlett Wattel
Tessie: Bethan Glover
Pepper: Tabitha Paige
July: Eva Bryant
Duffy: Alice Young
Orphan Ensemble: Isla Davies, Violet Mineeff, Charlotte Wilcock, Eva Bozic, Grace Andrade, Indiana Hedges, Audrey Shephard, Piper Winn, Ari Henderson
Miss Hannigan: Lucy Duffy
Rooster: Mason Evans
Lily: Ava Steyn
Oliver Warbucks: Alex Tyson
Grace Farrell: Ava Ritchie
Drake/Bert Healy: Archie Morgan
Cecille: Honour Behr
Mrs Greer: Ava Jamieson-Pate
Annette: Swae Sabben
Mrs Pugh: Amelie Lynch
Servants Ensemble: Isabella Sparkes, Tilli Daley, Alexandra Labiche, Matilda Pope, Kathryn Mertin, Deana Gallagher, Dakota Winn
Star-to-be: Emma Montalto
Officer Ward/New York ensemble: Jonathon Parker
Apple Seller/ New York ensemble: Lucy Contre
Bundles/ New York ensemble: Oscar Thane
Boylan Sisters: Allegra Mineeff, Victoria Capecchi, Kaia Mortensen Clohessy
Sound Effects Guy/ Roosevelt: Eadie Velling
New Yorkers Ensemble: Alessia Spadola, Amelie Gardiner, Tommaso Capecchi, Ruby Gauchat, Lorelei Neville, Indigo Venter, Frederick Mertin, Olivia Galbraith, Charlotte Mertin, Anthony Wexler, Eloise Parker, Alice Wentworth, Mikayla Harris, Aryssa Murrill, Chloe Greenshields, Tia Jamieson-Pate, Amelia Venter, Anais Fragoso, Mackenzie Neville, Lydia Glover, Elaia Fragoso

The following roles will be cast during rehearsals:
Man Servants, Sandy, Man, Policeman, Louis Howe, Cop, Chauffer, Dog Catcher

ANNIE JR CONTRACT: Please read through carefully

Please complete the contact and medical forms below:
Contact Information Link: https://forms.gle/K2gj4YrKQWSQ5tjx6
Medical Information Link: https://forms.gle/T5XmgCRh7vHXu53z9

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For more information email Mandy – office@shyac.org.au